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    Suffering from

    Corn / Callus?
    Diabetic Foot Ulcer?
    Walking or placing your foot down in the morning painful?

    A Complete Therapeutic Footcare Solution for Orthopedic & Diabetic Patients

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    Treat Foot Problems with The Best Of Science & Style

    When Pain interferes with your job and daily living, it may be time to seek trusted medical help and explore new avenues of treatment

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Solution - Customized Insole

Customized orthotic insole is a device that helps to restore the natural foot function by redistributing the forces during walking or standing.

It consists of an insole that is moulded to the shape of your foot with integrated additions to alter your gait/walking style.

It benefits people with Foot problems like:
- Flat feet
- Heel pain
- Knee pain
- People suffering from corn/callus

Diabetics at risk of developing ulcers can benefit greatly from insoles.
It can also prevent injury or deformity from occurring or halt the progression of existing problems, allowing healing to occur.

Different Densities used for different clinical conditions. 
- Special accommodative material (EVA)
- Superior top cover (P-CELL) to minimize stress
- Superior quality and long life
- Can be Customized for all clinical conditions
- Ideal Therapeutic Footwear

How is it Done?


- A detailed Foot assessment is done to assess the required corrections in the insole.

- This is compared with the pressure pattern captured using a foot pressure plate.

- Then a foam box and laser scanner will capture the 3-D shape of the foot with high resolution.

- Based on the 3D model of the foot, a fully customized insole is designed using a Specialized Insole/Orthotic Design Software.

- The CAM Software then mills the insole using a Computerized NC Machine – the output is a functional insole that has all the necessary additions integrated.

- The Insole is then finished with the appropriate top covers and ready to be fit into the Shoe or a custom Sandal.


An Ideal Therapeutic Footwear

We offer the choice of sandals from our range of collections for diabetic / orthopaedic patients.

We also make customized shoes for special clinical conditions.


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