What is HBOT?


Our device is pressurized with air and operates up to a pressure of 3 ATA (2 bar, 30 psig). Pure oxygen is delivered to the patient through a suitable breathing hood or mask. The operating pressure and oxygen concentration remain the key parameters of an effective hyperbaric oxygen treatment.


Safety and performance were the major axis of development of the Tekna. The strictness of our team allowed us to design a device worthy of the world’s highest medical standards: fire riskmitigation, biocompatibility, control of electromagnetic emissions, risk analysis, etc. Those are examples of all the numerous points evaluated and validated along the certification process of our product.


Tekna Chambers is the unique and only hyperbaric chamber made out of composites materials, CE certified as a Class IIb medical device [1] for all 14 indications of HBOT recognized by the UHMS and ECHM.


For your optimum safety, GMG has conducted a series of destructive tests including a hydrostatic test at a pressure of 10.3 ATA (9.3 bar, 135 psig), e.g. more than 4.5 times the maximum operating pressure.


Primary controls of the hyperbaric chamber (pressure, flow) are independent of the electrical system allowing the operator to remain in control of the room at all times.


The electrical system meets the most stringent regulatory requirements associated with hospital environment. Our device meets the requirements of IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition on the general and electrical safety of electro-medical devices. All protection means have been implemented to protect both the patient and the operator.


































Due to its high structural flexibility, the unit can collapse and be stored in a compact transport case designed to go through any standard door of 75 cm (29 in.). The rolling transport case has a volume of only 1.3 m3 (46 ft3), is highly maneuverable and can be moved by one person.


In addition, the innovative transport case is convertible into the base of the chamber during treatment. This feature provides a maximum economy of space and eliminates the transportation of an additional base or storage case.


The installation of the device requires only 2 people and takes less than 15 minutes for immediate availability in case of emergency. Once the treatment is completed, the chamber can be packed in less than 10 minutes and stored for the next use.





Patient comfort and safety were the two guiding principles of development of the Tekna Chambers.


The vessel is equipped with a window of 560 mm (22 inch) diameter at the door and a window of 280 mm (11 inches) in diameter at the opposite end. These windows provide light inside the chamber and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia experienced by some patients in conventional hyperbaric chambers.


LED lighting controlled by the operator diffuse a warm light providing a pleasant ambience inside the chamber.


The optional entertainment system allows patients to watch movies or listen to music during treatment. This option allows the patient to live an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


The mattress can be replaced by a stretcher to facilitate the loading of disabled persons. The entry of the patient is also facilitated by the large circular opening of the chamber.


The chamber can accommodate patients up to 220 kg (485 lbs). Its solid base, the convertible transport case, has been tested with a load of more than 1400 kg (3000 lbs).





The intuitive control station includes all required commands for the operator to control treatment parameters easily and efficiently.


A bi-directional communication system allows the operator to interact clearly with the patient at all times.


A touch screen allows the operator to keep track of the processing, visualize the pressure trend and manage preset alerts. The touch screen is equipped with WiFi and runs a Windows CE interface that adds many possibilities.


A full optional range of colors is available as well as customized protective cover of the pressure vessel according to your needs.

The senior management consists of a marketing expert (a former National Sales Manager of Ranbaxy), a biomedical engineer and an experienced sales manager.

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