Marketing and Distribution

Numerous market studies forecast the medical device market in India to rise to US $ 2 Billion by 2010. This is mainly due to a growing economy that has seen the entry of almost every major company ranging from pharmaceuticals to automobiles. Recent years have also seen the forays of insurance companies into India offering affordable insurance and people demanding better healthcare in turn. More importantly, we work with our principals to ensure an End User price that is both commensurate with the value of the product and cost effective to realize the numbers and exploit the potential of the market

Focus Areas

Our focus areas are in Vascular and Diabetes with a special focus on Non Invasive Devices for Pain Management with a extension of products in other specialties such as Cardiology, OrthoPaedics, ICU's etc.

Vascular/ Diabetes

With the emergence of diabetes as a pandemic in India, Vascular Disease is on the rise with a high incidence of PAD, CAD etc. Furthermore, Diabetic Neuropathy Patients are prone for developing ulcers and we are addressing the need for non invasive detection and management of these patients. We aim to enable physicians with technologies that can detect and monitor the progression of the disease from within the clinic itself thus reducing the movement of patients to various centers and thereby providing faster treatment. Moreover we strongly believe that the disease should be treated at a sub clinical level instead of managing only the symptoms. To facilitate the same, we have introduced the concept of remote patient monitoring and new methods for detecting Atherosclerosis at a sub clinical level by monitoring the Pulse wave Velocity and Endothelial Dysfunction.

Products for Vascular/Diabetes - Diagnosis

1. Genesis Medical – Pulse Wave Velocity, Neuropathy detection, CV Risk analysis and Risk Stratification and quantification Endothelial Dysfunction.

2. Genesis Medical – Diabetic Lab Setup for detecting ABI, Peripheral Neuropathy and CAN Function.

3. Liqui Stat – Point of Care Testing for A1c and Lipid Profile.

Vascular Management and Palliative Care

We offer a range of palliative care products for non invasive treatment of vascular diseases such as Venous Insufficiency, Foot Ulcers, Lymphoedema. We offer patient counseling services and ensure the products are prescribed and also used correctly.

4. Ad Rem – Treatment of Venous insufficiency and Ulcer Healing

5. Mego Afek, Israel – Sequential Compression therapy products for Treatment of Lymphoedema and Venous Edema

6. Angio Press – Non Invasive Treatment for PAD/POAD

7. Shockwave Therapy Devices for Wound Healing

8. Shockwave Therapy for Tendinopathy and Orthopaedic Conditions

9. NiCast – Self Sealing Vascular Grafts

Pain Management

10. Accu Spina – Non Surgical Spine Decompression Device for treating Lumbar and Cervical Pain

11. ESMR – Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization for Refractory Angina


We offer a range of patient management products for use in ICU's and hospital wards.

12. Mego Afek: Compression Devices and sleeves for DVT prophylaxis

13. Hirtz, Germany – Systems for treatment of Decubitus Ulcers, Hypo/Hyperthermia systems


14. Wireless patient monitoring systems, Remote cardiac event monitoring systems

15. Remote Monitoring of CHF patients through Impedance CardioGraphy – In house Development in Collaboration.

16. QuickSens Germany - hFABP - early markers for MI detection

IT enabled Healthcare

We have developed a Web Based Electronic Medical Record with a smart card that can be issued to patients in all clinics, diagnostic centers and hospitals. The technology, Aayusmart consists of a chip enabled smart card which stores basic information about the patient, a server system which stores the complete medical record of the patient online and software that facilitates easy data entry by the physician. The data can be accessed by the patient and attending physician in case of emergencies and can be utilized to send out appointment reminders, prescription reminders and diet advise etc. Also, any tests taken by the patient can be immediately uploaded to the server which can be accessed by the physician remotely to provide diagnosis.


17. Stryker, USA - Joint Replacements, Spine, Sports Medicine Implants

18. DVT Prophylaxis Systems for Post Op Care


For the entire range of products, we have an in house service team that takes care of Preventive Maintenance and complete after sales service. Very rarely we are dependent on the principals for any kind of service and the top management takes special interest in being trained in servicing the equipments and accordingly the service team is efficiently trained and maintained.

Marketing Channels

  • Educational activities

    From a Research Tool to Bedside Application- Marketing new technologies and concepts requires various studies to show the application of the product in regular practice. We have also tied up with various educational societies as a platform to promote new concepts and educate doctors on the huge benefits derived from applying these technologies in daily practice. Thro conducts annual International conferences in India and engages in various educational and awareness creation activities. Through this platform we propagate the latest concepts that will truly lead to better patient management.

  • Clinical Trials

    We have tied up with a leading CRO to provide management of clinical trials in India with the following services


     §   Poject Management Services

     §   Site Management Services

     §   Regulatory Clearance Services

     §   Study Monitoring / Audit Services

     §   Bioanalytical Services

     §   Independent Ethics Committee Services


    Our partner, Quest Life Sciences has a large facility with experts in each area capable of trials requiring FDA Submission. We offer a complete range of ICH GCP compliant services for phase I to IV Clinical Trials and deliver cost effective, timely research solutions.


    We facilitate in the design of the Trial/Registry either for proving the efficacy of the products we market or as a consultancy service also. We utilize our strong contacts with doctors and more importantly we understand the patient profile of various doctors and accordingly identify PI's and Co PI's. This has ensured speedy completion of patient recruitment and proper completion of the trial/registry. Together we have already completed a few studies and are currently enrolling and completing another FDA approved study.



The senior management consists of a marketing expert (a former National Sales Manager of Ranbaxy), a biomedical engineer and an experienced sales manager.

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