The problem


The Problem

Aortic pressure

In India in the past five decades, rates of coronary disease among urban populations have risen from 4 per cent to 11 per cent .The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 60 per cent of the world's cardiac patients will be Indians by 2010. Nearly 50 per cent of CVD-related deaths in India occur below the age of 70, compared with just 22 per cent in the West. This trend is particularly alarming because of its potential impact on one of Asia's fastest-growing economies. In 2000, for example, India lost more than five times as many years of economically productive life to cardiovascular disease than did the U.S., where most of those killed by heart disease are above retirement age.



Pulse Wave Analysis Monitoring


Periscope is the state-of-the-art PC Windows* based Vascular Analysis System with interpretation which measure the blood pressure in the arms and the legs to calculate the various parameters which help in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases.


Periscope uses automatic simultaneous limb NiBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) measurement and ECG waveform to calculate important parameters like Ankle brachial Index, Arterial Stiffness Index, Pulse wave velocities, Ejection slope etc. Additionally, it incorporates Oscillometric envelopes and interpretive monograms. These are established as independent markers to analyze the arterial stiffness and Atherosclerosis.


It also calculates Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure, %MAP, Ejection Time etc. All these parameters give a complete picture of vascular function of the patient. It is a very useful tool for prevention detection and treatment follow up of cardiovascular diseases.

Periscope presents a simple way to monitor all of the above.

The senior management consists of a marketing expert (a former National Sales Manager of Ranbaxy), a biomedical engineer and an experienced sales manager.

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